Fencing Materials In Chennai

PMR supplies high-quality TATA wire fencing essentially used for horticultural, home and bequests, lands, plots, buildings, and enterprises. We are suppliers of chain link fencing in Chennai. Considering the demand and requisites of the people we maintain the pricing reasonable and quality at its best.

Fencing works can allow you a varied scope of alluring styles and got its unique features and advantages. Our eco-friendly PVC Fencing and Decking products are 100% reusable. Offering a different variety of the latest PVC items for building owners, farmers, horse masters, and official management, etc. Not just this, we also do Cement poles, poultry fencings.

Chain Link Fencing

  • It is a steel woven wire bent into zig-zag forms and hooked together at each end. It is majorly used in sports fields, fencing the animals and construction areas.
  • PMR offers more reliable and high-quality chain link fences at a very low-cost considering the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Different users have different expectations about fencing, few demands for appearance, and cost, while others expect high-level security, we offer all kinds of products and varieties from A-Z to your requirements.
  • These are a few common types of wire: Standard Galvanized, heavy galvanized and PVC Coated wire in green or black color.

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire known as bob wire is a steel wire with sharp edges fixed between intervals in standards. It is majorly used above walls for security places or properties. Two types of wires we provide in this category: High-Tensile and LOWA Barbed wires.

High-Tensile are majorly used in farms fencing, it is almost half the weight of Lowa wire. Once installed they stand tight and tall for years with low maintenance.

Lowa is a double twisted low tensile zinc aluminum coated wire. It is used as security fencing. PMR offers continuous and joint free fencings. Thus, making stong consistency in the reel and reduces the risk of injury when straining. We provide excellent security with long term durability and flexibility.

and we offer all kinds of fencing jobs such as Cross type, Square shape, rounded square, and chain link fencings. We offer service to all sites like agricultural lands, plots, gardens, and corporates, govt. sites like Railways, Airports, Harbours, and Highways, etc.

If you are searching for some high-quality fencing materials just make a call with our customer support team for better assistance